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44,86 Km
3 h 00 min
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44,86 km cycling route from Redon to Blain

Staying close to the Brière and the confluence of the Isac and the Vilaine, this stage of La Vélodyssée follows the river at water level. Keep your ears and eyes open for the host of different animal species which populate the surrounding marshes.A magnificent section which alternately twists and turns, with hedgerows, hillsides and copses to each side - sometimes even little pine forests - before reaching Barel Lock. Following cycle paths right to the heart of Blain.

Elevation of the stage

10 m 20 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 43,55 km By road: 1,31 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 1,31 km Rugueux: 43,55 km


This section has designated lanes and is liable to flooding between St-Clair and the Thénot, so it’s not recommended during off-peak seasons or after heavy rain. You will quickly find your wheels and mudguards being clogged up!  Take care when crossing the D 773 at Pont Miny and when crossing the RD 2 to Guenrouët and the RN 171 to Blain. 
There are several very pleasant picnic areas where you can take a break during this stage.

Accommodation on the stage

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