Bicycle and road safety

If the bicycle is a synonym for freedom, it is also, however, vital to respect some essential rules.

Respect the Code de la Route (the French ‘Highway Code’), which is compulsory for cyclists to follow.  In the event of a serious infringement, you would be liable to pay a fine!

Here are some of our other tips:

  • Always remain vigilant on roads, particularly at junctions and on bridges
  • Don’t ride side by side and do keep to the right
  • On greenways, give priority to pedestrians and always signal
  • Be considerate and friendly to other lane users
  • At night, wear bright clothing and use effective lights
  • Although not obligatory for adults, it is strongly recommended that you wear a bike helmet. For children under 12, helmets are mandatory.


Remember that you are cycling on roads at your own risk and that you are responsible for accidents which may occur to yourself, or to the detriment of a third party, as a consequence of your inappropriate behaviour regarding the Code de la Route, the road traffic conditions and predictable dangers under normal circumstances.  You should have compulsory civil liability insurance.


Cycling in France

If you're not accustomed to cycling in France, remember to ride on the right, not the left.  It can seem strange, particularly at first, so take care and double check before crossing any roads.


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