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© CARA_Département de la Charente-Maritime

Alternative to the Seudre bridge: the ferry boat

Un itinéraire alternatif pour contourner la traversée du Pont de la Seudre

📢 A new cycling alternative is being introduced by the Charente-Maritime department.

From 12 June 2023 to 30 September 2023, a ferry linking the Port of La Cayenne in Marennes and the Port of La Tremblade in La Grève will enable cyclists to cross the Seudre in complete safety, via a secure cycle route.

This new itinerary allows all cycling enthusiasts to avoid crossing the Pont de la Seudre (the official La Vélodyssée route). Crossing the bridge involves a more or less dangerous section with a narrow cycle lane and heavy traffic, particularly in high season.
⚠️ La Vélodyssée therefore invites its travellers to take this alternative route.

How can I take this alternative route ?

To take the alternative route to the Port of La Tremblade or the Port of La Cayenne, simply follow the signposts at each junction. You can also follow the route using the information on the stage page of our website.


carte de l'itinéraire alternatif


Consult the route on the stage page Marennes< >Royan and/or download GPS tracks.

Bateau passeur, instructions for use :

1️⃣ I check the timetable

2️⃣ I inform the company of my crossing by telephone on

3️⃣ I go to the ferry boat

4️⃣ I pay the sum of 2 euros per person

5️⃣ I want to make the most of this itinerary and discover the paths of the Seudre.

You can find all the information on the Bateau Passeur website