50 avenue Abbé Thibaud 85690 Notre-Dame-de-Monts
The Montois Forest ... With 80% of the forest, dunes and marshes protected, Notre Dame de Monts offers a breath of fresh air. The Montois Forest is home to a wide variety of dune flora and fauna. At the Maison de la Dune et de la Forêt, you will be helped, through exhibitions and discovery walks, to know and recognize the flora and fauna which thrive there. Pine, oak and cypress are the main species present in the Montois Forest. Do take time out to visit the Arboretum de la Parée Farfadets to discover the variety of trees. It is free and open to all. Nature is a bike-ride away! To extend this encounter with nature, how about a hike or a bike ride? Certainly, the 60km trail will challenge you.

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