Sur la canal de Nantes à Brest à vélo © J. Damase

Your bicycle

Having a bike in good condition (and, if possible of good quality) is essential for a successful trip on La Vélodyssée. Here are our tips:

For a day-trip

For this type of outing any bike is good enough for the job.

But do make sure, at that the very least, you check:

  • The brakes
  • The lights
  • The gears
  • Tyre pressures


For several days’ cycling

If you are planning on a trip of several days, a hybrid bike or well-equipped trekking bike is best – one with a comfortable saddle, lights, baggage holder and at least 21 gears.

  • Adjust the bike correctly for your height: saddle and handlebars
  • Choose a pannier over a rucksack, which can be tiring over longer distances
  • A saddlebag is very practical for guidebooks or a map and other loose objects
  • Take a small repair kit with you: puncture kits and spare tyre tubes, multifunction tool, bicycle pump together with a connection that will fit your valves
  • Don’t forget an anti-theft device for use when stopping in towns

You’ll never regret investing in a quality bicycle!