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Situation on the route near Arcachon following the wildfires

[Last updated: 06/30/2023]

The section of La Vélodyssée between the Dune du Pilat and Biscarrosse
has been 100% reopened since June 30! 😍

The map below shows the new route following the recent improvements completed on this section.

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More information? 🔎

1️⃣ We remind you that the area has been suffering from severe erosion for several years. So much so that, in order to preserve cycling continuity, a temporary, removable track set further back was installed in March 2021 (in gray on the map), pending a more durable solution. Unfortunately, these demountable facilities were totally destroyed during the fires of summer 2022. Work on a new route through the forest was officially completed on June 30, when the track was fully reopened. The decision to relocate the new route away from the coast and towards the RD 218 was taken to ensure that it would have the least impact on the environment, while being far enough away not to be affected by marine erosion in the years to come.

2️⃣ Although the cycle path is now open, it remains in "degraded mode" in places, obviously still bearing the scars of the fires

In "degraded mode"? But what does this actually mean? Quite simply, it means that the runway has been cleared of the charred wood that has cluttered it in recent months, but has not yet been "refurbished", although work has been carried out on certain sections. As a result, you may encounter some minor damage to the cycle pavement. This is particularly true of the Communauté de Communes Grands Lacs, which has reopened the damaged section on the Landes side (around a hundred metres damaged by the passage of machinery at the enlarged firewall).


A reopening that is the result of a fine collective investment 🤝

La Vélodyssée would like to underline the commitment of all those involved: the Gironde department, the Office National des Forêts, the Communauté de Communes Grands Lacs in the Landes and the French government, who worked together to reopen this section of La Vélodyssée in a safe manner. We are in direct contact with all the authorities concerned, and will continue to keep you regularly informed of any news concerning the area, here on this official La Vélodyssée channel and on our social networks.