The first cycling experience for Marie and Romain

A cycling holiday with 470 km from Nantes to Royan

Marie set herself the challenge of travelling EV1-La Vélodyssée from Nantes to Royan, going 470 km in 7 days, accompanied by her friend Romain.


Where did they get the idea for this cycling holiday? Well, first of all, they wanted to take on an athletic challenge to test their limits and their ability to get by in an unfamiliar environment. They wanted to get back to basics and discover the French countryside.

To conclude, it was a very tiring, sporty week, but what an adventure! 😍 We rediscovered the simple pleasures in life, got in touch with nature, met people sharing the same interests, and, above all, we pushed ourselves, tested our limits, and made ourselves mentally stronger. A fantastic cycling experience.


Would I repeat this route? YES, without a doubt. The few difficulties we encountered over our cycling holiday were part of the experience and we now look back on them fondly. 


I really hope to travel the southern portion of EV1-La Vélodyssée (Royan-Hendaye) very soon, and maybe even try out the many other @eurovelo routes! 🖐 France is a magnificent country with so many nooks and crannies to explore. 🇫🇷

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