The reporting tool

To guarantee the quality of the itinerary, La Vélodyssée is testing a reporting tool proposed by Vélo & Territoires that allows you to :

  • In preparation for your journey: view current warnings on stages (lane closures, diversions in place, markings in progress, etc.


  • During your journey: report any anomalies encountered on the route by creating a new report, be notified of a problem on the route or be informed of an event, and view the reports on a map.


  • After your journey: share your experiences, give your opinion, share on social networks, improve the itinerary and its services


How can I access La Vélodyssée's reporting tool?

The tool appears as you navigate the stages of the route, on the map, by clicking on the red exclamation mark

signalement vélodyssée


Vous avez alors la possibilité :

  • 1/ display current alerts on the map

Reports are displayed in pictogram form. Clicking on them gives you details of the alert: the type of alert (damaged road, missing signs, mowing in progress, etc.), additional information, its location and its status: whether the problem has been resolved (green), is being dealt with (yellow) or has not been dealt with (red).

signalements en cours sur la velodyssee

  • 2/ declare a new alert in 2 stages:

> specify the details of the alert: the category and sub-category (using a drop-down list), a comment, photos to illustrate, your e-mail address, etc.

signalement velodyssee type

> specify the exact location of the alert on a map by positioning the blue dot (don't hesitate to zoom in to be as precise as possible)

localisation signalement velodyssee

When you complete this declaration, you will have the opportunity to give your consent to be informed of the progress of your declaration and/or to be questioned about this declaration system.

signalement validation


Explanatory video