La Vélodyssée Passport

Keep indelible memories of your trip on La Vélodyssée 🤩

The La Vélodyssée Passport is back! Launched in the summer of 2022 to mark the 10th anniversary of La Vélodyssée, the La Vélodyssée Passport will be back in the spring of 2023. The concept is simple : keep indelible memories of your cycling trip on La Vélodyssée by having your journeys along the route stamped in the Tourist Offices that are partners in the operation.


👋 59 stamps to collect: catch them all!

So that everyone can benefit from the experience and complete their own collection, we've taken care to leave a stamp every 20 km on average. Below is a map of the route and the sixty or so relay points already ready to welcome you.

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An english version of this map is coming soon


💡 To download the map of relay points, click here! 



The La Vélodyssée Passport, instructions for use:

📧 Order your La Vélodyssée Passport and collect it from the Tourist Office at or near your departure point.

🔖 On the day of your departure, collect your La Vélodyssée Passport from the Tourist Office and have it stamped on your first journey.

🚲 Once you've started your cycle journey, get your passes stamped in the Tourist Offices partnering the operation

🤳 Share your photos of completed passports and stamps on social networks... #lavelodyssee / #velodyssee

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