femme en solo sur la vélodyssée © A. STAPF
voyage en solo sur la velodyssee

A solo cycling trip

Go where you want, when you want!

The idea of a solo cycling trip may be inconceivable to some, while for others it may be a perfectly natural, obvious or even necessary thing to do! Want to give it a go but none of your family or friends are available or interested? Tempted but scared to take the plunge? Here are a few things that may be holding you back, but as you can see from the accounts of people who have travelled alone along La Vélodyssée, they can quickly be overcome.


Common concerns:

  • Loneliness
    Travelling by yourself does not mean you’ll be alone all the time! Travelling alone makes it easier to meet people. The fact that you’re alone sparks curiosity and encourages the locals to talk to you. You will also meet other cyclists and travel alongside them for a while. You may even enjoy a picnic together! Travelling alone has the added benefit that you can balance time with others with time to yourself. Apprehensive about evenings alone? They’re perfect for catching up on those books and podcasts you haven’t had time for! Depending on where you’re staying, you might also meet other travellers.
  • Anxiety, fear of the unknown
    Some people may be more anxious about losing their way or getting a puncture than others. To reduce this anxiety, prepare for your trip carefully in advance: take a hard copy of the itinerary, download the GPX route, and learn how to do basic repairs (there are lots of places in France where you can learn to repair your own bike). Relax! There are no problems, only solutions! All you have to do is trust yourself!


  • Safety
    This issue usually comes up in relation to accommodation, especially wild camping. Pitching the tent at nightfall is a good option! Some would rather stay at a campsite, everybody’s different!


Marine and Josselin cycled along La Vélodyssée alone. Here is what they say about it:

Decided to give it a go? Our advice would be to do a trial run over a weekend to see for yourself what it’s like!


Why not look at some cycling groups on Facebook? They often talk about travelling alone: