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Operation low-carbon offers

La Vélodyssée experiments with a new low-carbon operation!


We don't inherit land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Are you sensitive to environmental issues and have decided to go on holiday by bike to help protect our planet? Thank you very much! 🙏

Sharing these same values, La Vélodyssée has developed a scheme to promote your carbon-free holidays and outings. Working closely with its partners, who have volunteered to take part in this operation, La Vélodyssée is identifying and developing benefits and discounts along the route.


🌱How does this work?

As you can see, the principle of this operation is to obtain discounts and other advantages from our partners who are committed to supporting low-carbon travel. We call these low-carbon offers, and we think you'll like them ! 😉

However, we are still at the experimental stage, thanks to the participation of certain pilot regions. For the time being, therefore, the distribution of these low-carbon offers may not be uniform along the route.


⚙️Low-carbon offers, instructions for use:

At the heart of the scheme is the La Vélodyssée Passport, a completely free travel companion that is essential if you want to take advantage of these low-carbon offers. Collect the stamps to prove your progress by bike along La Vélodyssée.

1. Get your Passport stamped when you visit one of the relay points involved in the operation.

2. Present your stamped Passport to the service provider partnering the operation.

3. Savour the moment (even more) with your low-carbon offer.

4. Pedal and repeat! 🚴


Don't have your Passport yet? Book it for free in just a few clicks!

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📅 When can I benefit from these offers?

All year round, from the start of the La Vélodyssée Passport operation on 19 April 2023!

 Who are the partners in this operation? 
What offers are available?

👀 We'll let you discover them right here on our dedicated map ⬇️

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This page will be updated by La Vélodyssée as new offers are identified.