The #gourdefriendly x La Vélodyssée partnership

Stay cool on La Vélodyssée with the #gourdefriendly solution !

The first good is water. Pindare


La Vélodyssée announces its partnership with startup Hoali and its #gourdefriendly movement !

💥 What prompted the startup to take action?  

61% of on-the-go packaging waste is drinks packaging, and only 1.3% of this is collected for recycling*. The plastic water bottle is the packaging waste that has the greatest environmental impact, and it is also the packaging waste that is most frequently found in Europe's waterways! That's why HOALI has developed the #gourdefriendly movement, which aims to reduce the impact of out-of-home consumption by revolutionising the use of water bottles.


💧 But what is the #gourdefriendly movement ?

And because water is a major issue today, Hoali is offering to geolocate all water refill points (and soon more!) via an interactive map. In this way, it is helping users to adopt a less carbon-intensive approach to consumption by removing the disincentives to using tap water, and making it more accessible (and more fun😉) to use a water bottle as part of our on-the-go drinking habits. La Vélodyssée was obviously not indifferent to this initiative !




🤝 La Vélodyssée's commitment to #gourdefriendly

Because it's obviously simpler and more environmentally friendly to fill your water bottle than to buy yet another plastic bottle during your cycling trip, La Vélodyssée has undertaken to distribute small stickers to stick on your water bottle so that you can find out where the nearest water points are ! You can find these stickers when you collect your La Vélodyssée Passport from les the Tourist Offices partnering the operation.



#Gourdefriendly x La Vélodyssée, instructions for use :

1. 🏤 Look at the Tourist Offices where you can pick up the sticker (and take the opportunity to  order your La Vélodyssée Passport !)

2. 🔖 Pick up your #gourdefriendly sticker at the Tourist Office and stick it on your water bottle or canteen.

3. 💧 Flash the QR code to see the water points near you and stay hydrated throughout your journey!



*Source : CITEO