Where can I hire a bike ?

All the information for renting a bike and accessories on La Vélodyssée

Renting a bike is a good way to kit out a group or to ensure that what you are riding is of good quality and properly equipped.

Some advice on hiring the equipment best suited to you

  • Today, professional cycle hire centres can be found in most towns and along designated cycle routes.
  • Rent a bike suitable for the route.
    Generally a mixed terrain bicycle, such as a hybrid bike.
  • Consider hiring panniers at the same time as the bicycle.
    These are very practical - even for a day trip - and useful for carrying your clothes and a picnic.
  • Remember that some rental centres offer a one-way service.
    You simply take the bike at the beginning of the route and hand it back at the end.  Very practical if you are planning to take the train for the return journey!
  • Take care of the equipment you rent.
    That way, you’ll get all your deposit back.
  • Are you travelling with young kids?
    Consider taking a bike trailer (which could also carry your luggage) or a 3rd wheel.
  • If you don’t want to travel with heavy bags, there is a solution: luggage transport services.

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