Arriving by bus

So you want to get to La Vélodyssée by local or long distance bus?

Can I take my bike on buses?

  • Some local bus networks accept bikes all year round. In summer, some buses are equipped with bike racks at the rear. Others stow bikes in the hold.
  • Good to know: Get on route maps of our site practical information on the cars carrying bicycles in the "detail"rubric of each stage.
  • Warning: places are limited. Remember to book at least 1 day ahead!
  • Tip: please arrive 15 minutes before the coach is due to leave so that you have time to organise the loading of your bike. Bring your own elastic straps to block the brakes and a tender strap to secure the bike in the hold.

Which bus+bike lines serve the La Vélodyssée cycle route?

New: the Loire-Atlantique Department offers a free summer shuttle bus to take 8 passengers and their bikes across the St Nazaire Bridge (linking St Brevin to St Nazaire) 9 times a day.

  • In Girondelocal regional buses will carry bikes in their hold for a cost of 1 €/bike.
  • In the Landes, the local regional buses, XL'R (2€/bike) and Yego (free), will transport you with your bike from SNCF train stations to the various seaside resorts on the La Vélodyssée route: Mimizan, Biscarosse, Parentis, Léon, Hossegor, Capbreton.
  • In Pyrénées-Atlantiques, bikes can be stored in the hold on interurban network buses serving Bayonne (except line 816 Bayonne-Hendaye).
  • From the UK or Paris, you can travel to Bayonne by bus specially equipped to carry cyclists and their bikes (in a trailer).
  • On the national and international network: several long distance bus companies offer low cost travel to or from the major cities and accept assembled or dismantled bikes : EurolinesFlixbusIsilinesOuibus. Find out about their bike carriage conditions by consulting the company websites.

Where can I hire a bicycle or a trailer when I arrive?

Bike rental services are available at train stations and in the vicinity of tourist accommodation:

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