Getting to La Vélodyssée by plane

You can get to La Vélodyssée by plane, via Nantes, La Rochelle and Biarritz airports.

Can I take my bike on the plane?

  • Most airlines accept bicycles. Check their websites! Some airlines accept tandems, folding bikes, etc.
  • Price: a surcharge will be payable (each airline’s charges vary).
  • Reservations: Some companies accept online reservations; others only accept reservations at the airport.
  • Weight: depending on the airline, the bike must not exceed 23 kg / 32 kg / etc. in weight. Above this limit, an additional charge will be made.
  • Each airline has its own conditions of carriage, check their websites. However, in order to prepare your equipment for safe transportation, we advise you to
    - remove or fold down the pedals
    - remove the front wheel and secure it to the frame
    - turn the handlebars and secure them parallel to the frame,
    - place your bicycle, folding bike or tandem in a protective cover (cardboard or durable plastic).
  • Packaging: depending on the airline, and whether or not it is dismantled, you will have to pack your bike in a cardboard box or plastic carrier.
    Good to know: boxes designed especially for bicycles (175 x 21.5 x 86 cm) are on sale at some airline check-in desks.

How to get to La Vélodyssée from the airport?

  • Nantes: the sign-posted cycle route goes through Nantes city centre. So you can join the route just 2.5kms away from the airport (see map).
    Warning: the roads around Nantes Airport are not adapted for bicycle traffic. At the present time, there is a 2 km stretch of road to travel before reaching the nearest cycle path. Airport shuttle services and buses do not accept bicycles.
  • La Rochelle: a bike path connects the airport to downtown La Rochelle (in 8km5) , from which La Vélodyssée (see the map of cycle paths).
  • Bordeaux: ride to La Vélodyssée at Lacanau-Océan by a long green way of 60km (to reach it, take the airport shuttle of Mérignac up to the railway station of Bordeaux with your packed bike). Discover here the "train+bike" solutions allowing to join Arcachon.
  • Biarritz: the nearest starting point of La Vélodyssée is Biarritz train station to 2km5. There is no bike path to get there, feel free to use the streets less influence than the big road (see map) .

Helpful hint: some taxis can carry bicycles. Ask for an estate car (‘un break’) when booking. You will certainly be asked for a large luggage surcharge. Example : Airport/City Centre journey by taxi: €30 to €35 (guide price) + large luggage surcharge.

Where can I hire a bicycle or a trailer when I arrive?

In Nantes, La Rochelle and Biarritz, a large number of rental companies with the Accueil Vélo label are waiting to welcome you:

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