Biscarrosse-plage / Parentis-en-Born La Vélodyssée, the Atlantic Cycling Route

In forest, Seaside, Nature & small heritage
25,56 Km
1 h 42 min
I cycle often
From Gironde to the Landes nothing really changes, apart from the section of military land which forces La Vélodyssée away from the seafront to make a long detour inland, where the blues of the vast ponds replace that of the sea. You may try out the hydroplanes, common to this part of Biscarrosse!
150 m 163 m

Waytypes of the stage

By road: 0,39 km Cycle path: 25,18 km


Designated lanes except when crossing Biscarrosse.  Uneven surface between Biscarrosse-Plage and the Cazaux Pond and Sanguinet.

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