A week of cycling in Landes, France, that will leave you breathless!

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1 week
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6 days of cycling in south-west France, through the Landes department, from Arcachon Bay to Bayonne

Ready for a cycling adventure along the trails of Landes? Share some time with friends exploring this friendly region of France! Climb on your bike and get ready for invigorating holidays filled with the joys of cycling and activities in nature. This sensational itinerary will take you on a journey to discover everything Landes has to offer, making unforgettable memories for you and your friends!

Highlights of the itinerary: Get ready for a change of scene as you go cycling in Landes, France! You’ll travel along over 100 km of fine, sandy beaches, cross the largest pine forest in Europe, and discover numerous seaside resort towns, from the more touristy to the more natural. Great places and great people await you for a unique experience with a personal touch.


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