Frequently asked questions from travellers


Are there guidebooks on La Vélodyssée?

Yes! Major publishers of cycling and travel guidebooks have published route guidebooks on La Vélodyssée: Le Routard, Chamina, Ouest France, VerlagEsterbauer, and more. They are also available in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Guides and maps

You can also download and print the route section sheets found on the route pages by clicking the ‘Download the PDF’ button below the description.

Can you send me documents (e.g. maps)?

We do not have documents that we can send by post. All of the information that we offer can be found right on this website.

For more detailed information about a specific area, we encourage you to contact the local tourism office or departmental tourism commission.

GPS tracks in .gpx format

Where can I find GPS tracks for sections of La Vélodyssée?

  • 1.) You can download the GPS tracks for each section in .gpx format directly from the route pages, just below the trail section description.
  • 2.) You can download the complete tracks for the cycling route from the ‘GPS tracks’ page.

    3.) You can generate and download your own GPS tracks with the route planner found on the homepage by entering your start and end points.


How do I open GPS tracks?

GPS tracks available on the La Vélodyssée website can be opened on bike GPS units or on a smartphone using an app (GPX Viewer, OruxMaps, etc.)


Having trouble downloading or opening GPS tracks?

You can contact us and specify the browser used (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.), the type of device (PC, Mac, Android smartphone, etc.), and the device you want to use to open the tracks (name of the application, name of the GPS unit).

Does the La Vélodyssée website allow location services?

Yes, when you visit the website, a message will ask you to allow the site to access your location.

If you authorise this access, when you are in a section with maps (the routes, Accueil Vélo services), if you click on the circular button, the map will show your location. This allows you to then see where you are in relation to the route and certain services.

I’m having trouble following signs on the route

The entire route of La Vélodyssée is marked with signage from north to south, in both directions. Departmental workers very regularly maintain and improve these bicycle signs. However, sometimes a signage problem slips through the cracks... Here are a few tips:

  • Find your way thanks to the continuity of the route (main path, same type of paving material, etc.).
  • Look in the distance and try to find the next marker.
  • Find the marker for the opposite direction. Orient yourself in the same direction as cyclists coming towards you and there is a strong chance you’ll find the signs.
  • Generally speaking, the advice for a cycling trek are the same as for hiking: it’s best to take a map or GPS tracks with you.

To ensure a high-quality route itinerary, report any issues you encounter in detail and stay up to date with their developments.