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Breathtaking views

Our list of the top 10 views you don’t want to miss on La Vélodyssée

Give your legs a rest and take in some incredible views... Here are our favourites.

The ‘Pointe de Bloscon’ in Roscoff

Cycle routes from Roscoff are a popular way to start travelling La Vélodyssée. Roscoff is a peninsula jutting out into the English Channel. To the east of the old harbour, you can get a great view overlooking the Pointe de Bloscon (Bloscon Point) and admire the Bay of Morlaix. At Bloscon Pont, the Chapelle Sainte Barbe (St. Barbara’s Chapel), dedicated to the patron saint of Roscoff, sits just above the harbour.

Where is it? Located 900 metres from the Gare Maritime de Roscoff (ferry port) in the direction of the old harbour (vieux port) on the Roscoff <> Morlaix trail segment / 48.725536, -3.971298




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‘L’anse de Guerlédan’

Continuing down our scenic cycling routes, you’ll eventually come to l’Anse de Guerlédan (Guerlédan Cove), located near the village of Mûr-de-Bretagne and Cornec woods. The cove offers a spectacular view of the lake and dam of Guerlédan.

Where is it? Located 1 km from the cycling route heading towards the Base Départementale de Plein Air de Guerlédan on the route segments Rostrenen<> Mûr-de-Bretagne and Mûr-de-Bretagne <> Pontivy / 48.198810, -3.013728




‘Les Étangs du Roz’

You wouldn’t expect it, but ten or so canal locks very close together create a series of small, natural-looking ponds. This is what you’ll find at the Étangs du Roz (Roz ponds). This line of cascading locks is truly a sight to behold, much loved by numerous cyclists, walkers, and pleasure boaters.

Where is it? Along the cycle route, located 6 km north of Pontivy on the Pontivy <> Josselin segment / 48.106672, -2.932212




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‘Le Port du Collet’

Enjoy a panoramic view of the marshes of Brittany and the Bay of Bourgneuf from the picturesque harbour of Collet, nicknamed ‘the little Chinese port’!

Where is it? On the cycling route, halfway along the Pornic <> Bouin trail segment / 47.028911, -1.975218




The Kulmino lookout

Head further down the scenic cycling route for a breathtaking view of the Vendée coast and Yeu and Noirmoutier islands from 70 metres above the ground. From Kulmino, a lookout from a water tower, you can see marshes, dunes, forests, and islands using binoculars and viewpoint indicators. There is a fee for entry.

Where is it? Located 3 km from the cycling route, along the La Barre-de-Monts <> St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie segment / 46.838827, -2.099321




‘La Pointe de l’Aiguillon’

Check out this drastic change in terrain between the marshes and the sea. Leave your bikes at La Pointe de l’Aiguillon and head out on foot. You will fall in love with this coastal habitat and its dunes, mud flats, and salt marshes.

Where is it? Located 5 km from the route, at ‘La Prise du Bois,’ follow the sign for ‘la Pointe, plages’ (the Point, beaches) on the La Tranche sur Mer <> Marans trail segment / 46.269151, -1.205322




The church in Marennes

Saint-Pierre de Sales Church in Marennes is topped with a bell tower 85 metres tall. The tower’s terrace at 55 metres above the ground, which is accessed with a stairway with around 300 steps (!), offers a superb panorama of the Seudre river, marshes, and Oléron island. There is an entry fee (€2).

Where is it? Located 1.5 km from the Rochefort <> Marennes route segment, heading towards the centre of Marennes. You’ll see the bell tower from afar! / 45.821155, -1.107065




The ‘Domaine de Certes-Graveyron,’ an incredible view of Arcachon Bay

Leaving from the Port d’Audenge you can follow a 5-km circuit to explore the Domaine de Certes-Graveyron, a property of the Coastal Conservatory. You can witness the marvellous spectacle of the grey herons slowly taking flight. But wait, there’s more: swans, egrets, cormorants, black kites, and even storks can be found at the Domaine.


Where is it? Located on the Royan <> Montalivet segment  / 44.691306, -1.021725


The ‘Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine’ in Bidart and its lookout

This small chapel overlooks the ocean along the pilgrimage route known as the Way of St. James. Walk around the chapel and take in this special panoramic view of the ocean, the rocky cliffs known as the ‘Basque Corniche,’ and the Pyrenees mountains, from a height of 60 metres.

Where is it? Along the cycling route, just off the coastal road, on the Biarritz<>Saint-Jean-de-Luz trail segment / 43.439550, -1.592454




‘Pointe Sainte-Anne’ in Hendaye

By following a pedestrian path from the coastal road (3 km return trip), you’ll reach St. Anne’s Point, passing by Loia Bay and the Domaine d’Abbadia nature reserve. Enjoy an open view of the ocean, cliffs, Pyrenees, the rochers des deux jumeaux (the two twins rocks), and more.

Where is it? Located 1.5 km from the cycle route on the Saint-Jean-de-Luz <> Hendaye segment / 43.384555, -1.751717