Le Canal de Nantes à Brest vers Gouarec © Aurelie Stapf – porteurdesonge.com
© Aurelie Stapf – porteurdesonge.com

The Nantes-Brest canal

Explore the heart of Brittany by bike

canal velodyssee

Vertebral column of the architectural and natural heritage of the region, the canal is an excursion over time and Brittany culture. Spread over 365 km of this long ribbon of water, no less than 236 locks punctuate the silent passage of light craft, barges and other motor boats. From Nantes, the city of Dukes to Brest, the largest Breton port, the water winds through the most beautiful Breton valleys, from the Erdre to the Aulne via the Isac, the Vilaine, the Oust and Blavet.


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